Frequently Asked Questions

Martin’s All Floors Service takes a lot of pride in the work we do.

All of our services are completed with the intention of meeting your expectations, while providing honest, quality work and developing a long term relationship.

Our goal is to keep you as a customer and provide future care for your floor needs.


We are careful to protect your belongings and surrounding areas while we work. We use corner wall guards to protect the corners of your walls. We pay careful attention to your baseboards, and we plastic off all cabinets and appliances when cleaning and restoring your tile and stone.

It is helpful to do this before we arrive as it provides a more thorough cleaning.

Moving furniture, we ask that you take care of your valuables, this would be the breakables,small objects, things that can be easily knocked over and are unsteady. Making sure toys, clothes and other things that tend to be in the way are picked up so that we can ensure a thorough cleaning. We will help with moving some furniture such as couches, recliners, and pulling out appliances when doing tile restoration but we will not move Stereos, TV’s, China Hutches, Pianos, Glass Tables, or Beds. Removal of furniture is up to our discretion and what we feel comfortable taking responsibility for. The more furniture you can move before we arrive, the more time we have to focus on the task at hand. We will always do our best to carefully move these items.

Once we have completed the work you can walk on your floors, but we recommend only doing so without shoes on and or wearing plastic booties over your shoes (We can provide you with a pair). Otherwise its best to remain off the floors until they are completely dry. Weather and humidity will play a roll in the amount of time it takes for your floors to dry. Here in Arizona the carpet dries fast! We never leave a lot of moisture in your carpets, we always go over the area with suction (a dry pass) to remove as much moisture as possible. If we need to put any furniture back in place before the floors are completely dry, we use protectors. Leaving your furniture off the floors until they are completely dry is best for keeping your floors and furniture safe.

Everything we use on your floors is the same we use on ours. The products we use are Non Toxic, PH balanced and color safe. We do ask that you Make Sure To Put Your Small Pets somewhere SAFE and out of our way. We love the little fury ones, but our machine and attachments are extremely powerful and can be potentially harmful and dangerous to small pets and children, they are also a bit loud and a lot of the time it scares your pets. We don’t want to risk injuring or having your pet run away. PLEASE PUT THEM SOMEWHERE SAFE AND OUT OF OUR WAY!

Most definitely YES! These add a protective barrier. When something is spilled, you will have time to get it cleaned up before it soaks in. This is designed to keep the floors or fabric clean for a longer amount of time. A floor that’s sealed will show the liquid beading up, a non sealed floor will allow the liquid to soak in. Let us show you a sample of how it works!

Yes we have different cleaning solutions we can use to treat specific areas of concern. We can treat stains, and deodorize where needed. This also applies to pet problems.

We guarantee our services. Before we perform any services, we are upfront and honest with you. We will sometimes do a sample cleaning to show you what it will look like after our cleaning. If we feel we are not able to meet your expectations, we will let you know ahead of time along with our recommendations. We don’t receive call backs very often, but whenever we do, we are happy to come back and address the concern. Please be sure to call us within the week we provided services. Grout recoloring we guarantee for a year!