Grout Recoloring

Recoloring grout is becoming more and more popular and is a favorite by many of our customers.

So many of our customers have been extremely pleased to see what a difference recoloring their grout made. Many have commented that their floors looked brand new. Grout recoloring has become more affordable, and we always try to work with our customers’ needs whenever this becomes an interest of theirs. We know the end results and it’s so worth it.

Homeowners and businesses have the option of changing their original grout color to a lighter or darker shade, or restoring it to the original color. We can do this with color matching your grout. There are countless grout colors made to match almost every stock color. If not, we are sure you will find one you like!

What is grout recoloring? It is a process that is used allowing us to keep the original grout in place, therefore saves you time, money, mess and dealing with stained grout all over again. Depending on the amount of square footage, it usually takes a full day or 2 in order to complete the job. (The more to recolor the longer it takes)




There are countless benefits that come with recoloring the grout.

  • We offer a 1 year warranty
  • Provides maximum protection (more than just a penetrating sealer would)
  • Minimizes cleaning time and up keep
  • Adds value to your home or office space
  • Provides a fresh new & updated look without completely replacing your floors
  • Change the color to match your decorating style
  • Take an old outdated floor and give it a makeover

The recoloring process is tedious and time consuming. This process is done on our hands and knees, paying special attention to every small detail, ensuring that the application is even and neat, being careful to not get it on the surrounding areas or tile. Making sure you have an experienced and reputable company is important!

Our process involves first steam cleaning your floors, applying the first application of grout color, then reapplying the second application to make sure that no areas were missed the first time, or uneven, spotted areas. We then buff the floors to remove any excess product and haze that might be left on the tile. We then inspect the floors once more for flaws and places that may need touching up! Most of the time we will recommend caulking all of the edges to match the new color. Ask to see our demo board and before & after pictures!

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