Flooring Repairs

Repairs are inevitable. We can fix just about any issue you may have.

carpet-repairsCarpet repairs can consist of several different needs.

Folding, ripples, wrinkles, & lumps, this is most likely caused by improper installation, and just normal wear and tear that happens over time. This is an easy fix, we simply use a power stretcher to smooth out your carpet, kicking it back into place.

  • Seams, snags and threads are loose & worn.
  • Stains, pet damage, and urine
  • Carpet to floor transition (this is where the carpet stops and the tile or stone floor meets together)
  • New tack strip, and stretching may be needed to prevent the loose carpet and frayed edges that happen in between the carpet and tile floor.

There are many different ways to repair these problems. You may have extra carpet on hand, where we can sometimes take a small piece from an inconspicuous area such as the back of a closet. More times than not, fixing that eyesore means getting a deposit back, showing and or selling your home, and fixing the problem before it becomes worse.

Tile & Grout repairs consist of tiles popping up, becoming loose, cracking or breaking.

Grout can become loose, discolored & cracked. Many different things contribute to the breakdown and flaws in your grout. Poor installation, exposure to acidic cleaning agents and an unstable foundation. Most of the time the homes construction can account for the shifting and cracking of the tile and grout. We can match any color of grout, and remove or fill in areas where needed.

Caulking repairs are needed more often than not. Re-caulking needs to be done as soon as it starts to peel, or loosen. It’s also needed after we re-color the grout. This results in an evenly matched floor. Caulking provides protection from mold and water. It completes the floor for a clean uniform finish.

Pet Urine and the removal of it can be difficult and frustrating. Pet urine will damage your carpet and furniture quickly. Urine can cause color loss in your carpet and upholstery, and the different dyes in the fibers. The odor is the most common complaint. Pet urine is made up alkaline salts and ammonia. Once the urine is absorbed in the fabric or carpet it will stay active each time it is exposed to moisture. This is why most people become frustrated. Carpet cleaners will clean and treat the area only to find out that is has come back.

This is why the urine needs to be treated as soon as possible, and careful use of the proper chemicals that treat it. When your pet messes, it’s important to soak it up immediately, this helps to prevent it from going down into the padding, and even concrete. Using a neutralizing cleaning agent is important as well.¬†Always soak up as much of the urine as possible by using paper towels or a cloth. This is a must!

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