Tile & Grout Cleaning

Here in Arizona tile and stone seem to be the most preferred flooring in our homes.

Easy to clean, cooler during the extremely hot months. However with time and all the countless attempts of moping your tile, your floors probably don’t look the way they did when you first had them installed and or you may be in a home where the existing floor is not meeting your expectations. There are several solutions! If we aren’t confident that any of the solutions will be cost effective or provide the end result you and I are looking for, we won’t waste your time or money. Nine times out of ten, there are options available that will improve the appearance of your floors. Options that will prove to be time and money saving and won’t require replacing your carpet, tile, stone or grout.

4Your flooring in the home (or commercial setting) is the “main” focal point. Cleaning your tile and grout can be a frustrating task. With a busy household, dad, mom & kids coming and going, babies crawling around, pets running through the house, visitors stopping by, the high traffic in and out of your home is inevitable. This is the same for your office or commercial setting. Having your floors installed correctly is the first very important step. Next is knowing how to care for them properly. With a good installer, and a good quality professional cleaning, you should be able to maintain your floors and the longevity of your investment!

Most of the time consumers will choose flooring without knowing and understanding what it will require to maintain and care for their investment. We will discuss that on this page and the next few pages about our services.

Ceramic tile is by far the most common and economical tile. Ceramic tile is a man made tile. It is made from clay using different additives and water, then hardened by heat. It’s usually given a unique decorative glaze. Ceramic tile is most often “sealed” during the manufacturing process it goes through. (This is why we seal your grout, not your tile, it evaporates off your tile) We will discuss that later.

Ceramic tile has come a long way these days. There is an array of different styles and textures to choose from. Wood look alike, natural stones. Lots of choices. This provides a least expensive alternative to the more expensive natural stones. (More about them on our natural stone page)

Caring for your ceramic tile and grout is easy. Your ceramic tile and grout should be thoroughly and professionally cleaned once it has been installed, this is to be sure that the overlay of dust and powder is removed before the sealing process. Yes your grout should most definitely be sealed! An experienced installer should be encouraging this, they should only be performing this part of the job if they know what they are doing and are equipped to properly clean your floors. (Most are not, that’s why they are the “installers” we are the “restoration” guys) The grout is the material that binds the tiles together, keeps everything in place. Sealing the grout provides a protective barrier. It gives you time to clean up the spill or mishap before it sets into the grout. Grout is extremely porous, meaning there are many tiny holes which allow unwanted particles to penetrate through it. After time and mopping, dirt, dust, pollen, spills and so forth accumulate causing your grout to become dirty and or stained. This is where the “sealing process” becomes very important. Sealing is definitely worth the extra cost!

Your tile and grout should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This can vary depending on your own unique situation. Maintenance is easy if done correctly. The key is to Not wait till your floors look dirty! Mop your floors once or twice a week. Use only hot clean water. If you must use a cleaning agent, we recommend a natural one. (A small amount of gentle dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, corn starch, baking soda or vinegar) Make sure you are diluting the vinegar, too much can break down your grout. If you decide to use over the counter products we suggest doing your research and choosing a PH balanced formula.

If your grout will not get clean and or you are unhappy with the color, see our Grout Re-Color page! Along with pictures and videos! RESULTS ARE AMAZING!

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